Possible leak in tiff.c [IM 6.4.3-5]

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Possible leak in tiff.c [IM 6.4.3-5]

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In the WriteTIFFImage method, we call AcquireQuantumInfo within a do...while loop. At the end of the loop we call DestroyQuantumInfo which tears down the memory accordingly. The leak can occur because there are break statements within the do...while loop which force us out of the loop prior to the DestroyQuantumInfo statement being reached. The leak can be stopped by adding the following lines after the loop (line 2686):

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  if (quantum_info != (QuantumInfo *) NULL)
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Re: Possible leak in tiff.c [IM 6.4.3-5]

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Thanks for the memory leak alert and patch. We will have the patch in the ImageMagick subversion trunk by tomorrow.
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