Problem with performance using the shadow option

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Problem with performance using the shadow option

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I'm having a problem with performance using the "-shadow" option with the latest version of ImageMagick- (Beta). When I run this command on an older version of ImageMagick-6.7.X, it takes 2 seconds to run. When I run it on the latest version (ImageMagick- it takes 25 seconds. I'm not sure why or if I'm doing something wrong. It just seems to me that it should take about the same time. I'm using Centos 6.3.

convert -size 1931x3000 xc:none -font arial.ttf -gravity north -pointsize 185 -interline-spacing 20 -fill rgb\(255,255,255\) -annotate +0+1488 "This is a Test." -pointsize 80 -annotate +0+2168 "" \( +clone -background rgb\(0,0,0\) -shadow 50x3+4+4 \) +swap -background none -flatten +repage textexample.png

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


John Baranowski
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