Cylinder2Plane etc

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Cylinder2Plane etc

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"+distort" and "-distort" has two methods "Cylinder2Plane" and "Plane2Cylinder". These are not listed on ... hp#distort nor do they appear on "-list distort". Can these be added, please?

These methods and their arguments are described at ... e_distorts

(Anecdote: I have a photo of people that can be approximated as cylinders. I want to unwrap the cylinders, write text within the new boundary, distort the text into a cylinder, and place the text over the original photo so it appears the text was written on the person. I tried to figure out the maths of the two mappings but it didn't quite work. Then I remembered Anthony had a page somewhere on cylinders.

Sadly, these methods don't do quite what I want as the y-displacements are too extreme to model a distant cylinder photographed with a conventional camera. But it gives me enough links to debug my maths.)
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