php_imagick is not loading into phpinfo()

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php_imagick is not loading into phpinfo()

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After compiling ImageMagick and php_imagick.dll with no errors, the php_imagick.dll is not being loaded into phpinfo(). This is especially true if to build x64 versions. Note: Both builds are VC11.

The php_imagick.dll x64 build by PHP group is being loaded into phpinfo() only if several CORE_RL_xlib_.dlls are present in the PHP’s root folder. Same is true with my personal builds of x86 versions of ImageMagick and php_imagick.dll, but not with the x64 builds.

If checked via command line “php –m”, the imagick extension is being shown as loaded in. It appears that something is wrong with path recognition/resolution. After searching the web, I noticed that the issue had been found and mentioned many times already. However, the issue remains unresolved.

Is any suggestion on how ImageMagick should be compiled in order to resolve the php_imagick.dll loading issue? Or perhaps this is a bug in php_imagick.dll source code? Any responses would be helpful and appreciated.
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