-draw rectangle

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-draw rectangle

Post by snibgo »

IM will successfully draw a rectangle with either width=1 or height=1, but draws nothing when both width and height are 1.

Sample code:

Code: Select all

convert -size 5x5 gradient: -draw "fill red rectangle 1,1 1,3" d1.png
convert -size 5x5 gradient: -draw "fill red rectangle 1,1 3,1" d2.png
convert -size 5x5 gradient: -draw "fill red rectangle 1,1 1,1" d3.png
IM v6.8.8-0 on Windows 8.1.
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Re: -draw rectangle

Post by dlemstra »

This issue will be fixed in the next release of ImageMagick (6.9.1-3)
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