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IM6.9.9, IM7.0.7, and Windows 10 clipboard:

Posted: 2018-04-09T12:08:03-07:00
by GeeMack
Using ImageMagick versions 6.9.9-40 Q16 HDRI or 7.0.7-28 Q16 HDRI from the command line on Windows 10 64.

I create a grayscale image with this command...

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magick wizard: -colorspace gray wiz1.png
I open the resulting "wiz1.png" to view in IrfanView, Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements.

In any of those programs I copy the image to the Windows clipboard with "edit > copy" or "ctrl-C", etc.

Then back to the command line window and I run this command...

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magick clipboard: wiz2.png
That reads the Windows clipboard and writes it back to file "wiz2.png". The resulting image has rolled several pixels to the right, and rolled up a couple pixels, too.

This seems to occur opening any image (1) modified with IM's "-colorspace gray", (2) saved to a file, (3) opened in common editing programs, (4) copied to the Windows clipboard, (5) then read back into an IM command and saved in common formats like JPG, TIF, PNG.

The results appear identical using IM7 "magick" or IM6 "convert".

The problem does not occur when copying the image to the clipboard from a Firefox browser window, from ImageJ, or from IM's "imdisplay.exe".

This is "wiz2.png"...