pkgconfig and C++ API changes

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pkgconfig and C++ API changes

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As shown in and others for Imagemagick7 and linking apps, there are issues related to pkgconfig, and others to the C++ API Changes. Especilally inkscape, which is animportant piece of OS Software.

1. Inkscape didn't recognize IM7 because it looks for ImageMagick++ in pkgconfig, not for Magick++, and that isn't found.

If I generate a symlink the Inkscape set up finds ImageMagick++ but it uses the removed deprecated functions and errors.

To figure out a solution I'd like to know:

1. The pkgconfig entries and links through the V6.9 to recent history, because then the configure checks can be adjusted.

2. The C++ API removements an there replacements to obtain patches for the failing apps.

Where can I find this information? (without parsing every release)

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