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Montage command - can't set dpi of output image

Posted: 2006-03-04T19:31:12-07:00
by andyroo

I installed the latest release of ImageMagick 6.2.6 today (4 March) and I can not get the Montage command to set the dpi of the output image correctly, as I can with the Convert command. The -units option seems to behave differently with Montage than with Convert. I've tried placing the -density -units options in various locations in the command line (see example below) but the result is always the same -- output image says it's 72 dpi.

montage -density 300x300 -units PixelsPerInch infilename.eps -page 5100x3300 -tile 7x -geometry +25+10 -density 300x300 -units PixelsPerInch outfilename.tif

Will this bug be addressed in a future release of ImageMagick? Since I am batch processing thousands of images, I'd rather not have to run all of them through a Montage command and then again through a Convert command (to set the correct dpi).

Thanks for your help,