Bug in TIFF writing (V 6.2.8-4)

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Bug in TIFF writing (V 6.2.8-4)

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unfortunatley I cannot give an example image as URL because those I have are copyrighted material. If a IM-developer wants to look into this I will happily provide him with a password protected link to a sample image (about 50MB in size, though).
Anyway: The most recent version of IM has got a problem in the TIFF writing. A simple "convert file.tif file2.tif" creates a broken TIFF that ends right after the profiles (image data missing).
Using IM 6-2-6 the same works fine.
So, for a test, I copied "coders/tiff.c" from the old to the new source tree, compiled and got warnings (naturally), that appear around the writing routine, so I guess some of the last changes made there have created the problem.
The problem does not appear with all TIFFs, but also it does not only appear with a single one. Something is wrong, I'd say ...

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Send a private message to us with a method of obtaining the offending TIFF image. Once we reproduce the problem you are having, we will have a patch in short order.
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