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Corrupt EXIF info crashes identify

Posted: 2006-09-12T11:15:24-07:00
by martinw17
I have an image ( which crashes identify, i.e. when using:
identify -verbose test.jpg

I'm guessing that it's a problem with the EXIF data as the same occurs with:
identify -format "%[EXIF:*]" test.jpg

I am using Windows XP, IM 6.2.9 Q16 (I get the same on 6.2.8 Q16).


Posted: 2006-09-12T11:41:27-07:00
by magick
We can reproduce the problem you posted and will have a fix in the next point release of ImageMagick within a week or two. Thanks.

Posted: 2006-10-26T04:35:06-07:00
by martinw17
I have installed ImageMagick 6.3.0 and identify no longer crashes - thanks for the fix.

However, I've found another (perhaps related) problem. I have an image ( ... byline.jpg) that contains data for the IPTC field 'Byline' (2.080).
The following command works fine, and outputs the value of that field:
identify -format %[IPTC:2:080] iptc_byline.jpg

If, however, I try to get the value of the 'Data set record version' (2.000) as well (which happens to be empty in this image) as follows:
identify -format %[IPTC:2:000]--%[IPTC:2:080] iptc_byline.jpg

then no output is returned.

I have tried this for various images, and it consistently fails if %[IPTC:2:000] is included. It works fine if I include any (or all!) of the other IPTC fields.