Bug or not?

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Bug or not?

Post by lavige777 »

I create text with shade:
1) convert -size 200x200 -background yellow -fill red label:Hello C:\text.png
2) convert C:\text.png -shade 135x30 C:\s_text.png
3) composite C:\text.png C:\s_text.png -compose Overlay C:\sh_text.png
and all works fine, but if I use
3) convert C:\text.png C:\s_text.png -compose Overlay -composite C:\sh_text.png
I received another result.
What is the problem as I understand
"composite C:\text.png C:\s_text.png -compose Overlay C:\sh_text.png" and "convert C:\text.png C:\s_text.png -compose Overlay -composite C:\sh_text.png" should be equal. Or I am wrong?

I use ImageMagick 6.3.2 Q16.
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Re: Bug or not?

Post by el_supremo »

convert requires the filename arguments in the reverse order. Try:

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convert C:\s_text.png C:\text.png -compose Overlay -composite C:\sh_text.png
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