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Scilab bindings

Posted: 2016-11-26T16:23:04-07:00
by rfabbri
Hi, all,

ImageMagick has had bindings for the Scilab language (matlab-like) for a long time as part of the Scilab Image Processing Toolbox:

These provide image read/write functionality to numeric matrices, as well as a Scilab interface to mogrify and identify,
all using C API calls to MagickCore (mostly) and MagickWand.

Scilab is among simplest, easiest and most direct languages out there. It is a great way to prototype new algorithms and imaging solutions. Once they're ready and tested, the programmer can rewrite the algorithm in C for high performance. The cool thing about scilab is that its backend tends to keep all data contiguous in memory and is completely optimized for arrays.

Could you list this Scilab binding on the webpage?

Thank you,