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Shadow F/X

Posted: 2007-11-18T06:52:59-07:00
by mlski
I applied the shadow effect to a graphic - but when I went to output it - it was gone. Tried with 2 different IMs - Arbor & Koyaa. With both I got the effect I wanted in "view" but once I outputted the graphic as a gif - the shadow effect was gone and I was left with the original graphic again.

What am I doing wrong?

Re: Shadow F/X

Posted: 2007-11-30T17:51:26-07:00
by mlski
Any answers?

Re: Shadow F/X

Posted: 2007-12-03T17:46:43-07:00
by anthony
Shadow is semi-transparent. It will only work if you either 'flatten' the image onto some background or you save in a format that handles semi-transparent colors.

GIF can not handle semi-transparency (only full transparency
JPEG can not handle transparency AT ALL

The only common format that truely handles semi-transparency is PNG.

Save you image as PNG, or flatten it to some color or image background.