White Banner behind my glitters

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It appears to be fixed as of this morning. Make sure you use 'IN', North, checkmark the tile box, output it as a gif and start out with a transparent back in the first place.
It worked fine for me.
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Yes - you can set the transparancy at the banner generator - be sure you set it to the background - don't leave it on none - that will leave you with the white background.

However - you can do all of your banner at IM - even the text by clicking on the "annotate" button. That way you can bring your own blank transparent graphic into IM & go from start to finish. You can either choose one of the fonts that IM provides (and that's lots more than at the Banner Generator) or bring your own .TTF file in & use that.

Re: White Banner behind my glitters

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It's interesting decision! I should try...Tnx :D
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