Computer Idiot needs help, please!

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Hi -

IM won't host your pictures - for that you need to use Photobucket.

I'm guessing you have your pictures in your hard drive in your PC?
When you come into IM - click the browse button & go to the file in your PC where your pictures are. Click on one of the pictures to enter the PC addy into the browse addy line. Then click view.

Your picture will open - at the top you'll see a lot of tabs - in the top row - towards the right side you'll see "resize" - click on that.

Now depending on the size of the photo - you've got a bunch of options. If you want your photo to be a specific size & you know that it will be in proportion - enter the size - eg - 500x350! - you must add the ! at the end to resize to that specific size - if not you'll get something close to it. (but will keep in in proportion)

When you get the resized picture - click on "output" - select jpg as your file extension & click on 'output'. This will take you to a thumbnail view of your picture - double click on that and it will open your picture in a separate window. Right click on the picture and save it back into your hard drive. From there you can enter the picture into your Photobucket account. The URL that you get from IM is temporary so you need to save the picture to your hard drive for it to be accessible.

Hope that helps -
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