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animated gif with animated glitter name

Posted: 2006-05-03T08:50:53-07:00
by lagoagirl
hey i got a problem

i have my glitter name and animated cartoon i would like too put them next too eachother but it doesnt work my animated cartoon his face is only on it and before my name

something like this i would like Image

and other question how can i get a glitter border around my name something like this

Posted: 2006-05-03T12:37:26-07:00
by lagoagirl
nvm about the first one i find it just still dno how too do a glitter border
can u please help me with it i realy would like it :D

Posted: 2006-05-03T14:06:54-07:00
by mlski
Hmmmm - you mean something like this?


Not sure how they did it, but this is what I did -

1. put the URL for your transparent gif in the view bar & click view

2. Click on Annotate - enter the name or text you want in the text box
I centered my name

In the fill box & stroke box I entered lightgrey (I was using Arbor - so I made the color lightgrey so I could see what I was working on)

Pointsize - what size you want - I used 50 for this
Density - 100 and stroke width - 10 (the higher number the more it spreads the base name)

Pick your font or add the URL for one (I used AirBrush)

Click on Annotate

3. Click on Composite

enter the sparkle gif URL

in the Compose box - choose IN and in Misc. Options - check it to tile

click on Composite

4. Click on Annotate (your previous information should still be there)

remove the color from stroke color and enter NONE - and in Fill Color - enter the color name or hex code of the color you want

leave the pointsize & density the same - delete the stroke width & enter 0

click on annotate

5. Click on Output and work your way out to save your gif

Anyone with another way to do - feel free to chime in. This was what I came up with off the top of my head.

Posted: 2006-05-04T11:48:43-07:00
by lagoagirl
where can i find a transparent gif because i cant find it i made a name and when i was at the end i saw the first name i made and the second because dno where too find that gif can u give me the url please thnx

Posted: 2006-05-04T13:27:40-07:00
by mlski
you can use this one - then save it in your PC or file manager (this is sized to 432x100 - for the size I generally use for my names - resize it to whatever size you need - then save it)

Posted: 2006-05-04T15:28:07-07:00
by lagoagirl
thnx =) it works =)

but now that i know this i would like too know how too make this Image

i would like too ad glitter on a non animated gif but not the whole pic can u help me with that or is it too hard :?: