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Re: Animation Bug Revealed by splitting frames

Posted: 2007-03-21T14:53:03-07:00
by mlski
OMG Josh! PenguinParadise - amazing! I really like some of the stuff you have there. Makes me wish I had the time to play any more! I even took my signatures site down - no time (Shimmer Names)

Hi Anthony! I'm going to make a request for some help - on parameters for the effects.

A lot of them just refer to sigma x radius, etc. but no clue as to where to start with numbers. Some take really big numbers - others the tiniest of fractions. Some are percentages others not. Is there any way you could go thru the various effects with a ball park idea of actual numbers?

There are some effects that totally boggle me and I've never been able to get any effect from it besides a big black box, white box, nothing or no change. Some in the old webtv club discussion group had posted what had been discovered, but I left webtv nearly 6 years ago and while the PC world allows more options - I tend to use the same stuff in IM all the time as I just don't have time to really sit down & play.

And I'm not to the level of adjusting code in images - fixing a PC - no sweat and helping the lost in sigs along with Josh & Diana - no problem, but recreating the code - websites yes - graphics - no way!

Re: Animation Bug Revealed by splitting frames

Posted: 2007-03-21T16:28:21-07:00
by scri8e
Don't Cha hate it when RL gets in the way of your pay time! :?
I sure do. Doing a construction
job and pinching pixels doesn't mix too well.

You didn't get into the GD/PHP stuff I don't believe? That will make it an easier transition for me. SewSally tells me it's another language, that once you get the basics down it's logical & starts to flow easy.

GD Grads are sorta like grad-tabling with "area shapes".
Just different tags.

If I could just build a grad staircase and comp it on the building then I could do two things at once and have a blast doing it!

=In my imagemagick dreams!=

Re: Animation Bug Revealed by splitting frames

Posted: 2007-03-21T20:01:12-07:00
by anthony
mlski... for blurs and other sigma stuff, I have not written up fully in IM Examples
(Convolve section). But some stuff is there. ... ghbourhood
Also see just after the -blur examples table on the same page.

Please start another thread, with the right subject (in User forum as it is general) and I'll answer it as best I can.

Re: Animation Bug Revealed by splitting frames

Posted: 2009-05-16T00:04:43-07:00
by mlski
You need to load the font file into your Windows/Fonts file in your PC.