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problem with signature ?

Posted: 2007-10-14T13:18:12-07:00
by Super Ali
Hi I'm new and stuck ? I've been making glittery signature's for a few month's, but nothing has been working for week's :?
At the end the name's are just not glittering they freeze at the end :( has anyone got any idea's ????

Re: problem with signature ?

Posted: 2007-10-15T12:58:28-07:00
by Super Ali
Ok guy's did this
Try setting the loop option to 0 (loop forever) or 100 (loop 100 times).
and got them to glitter, BUT once i have posted them they stop :?
when i refresh they glitter again please please tell me what to do ?

Re: problem with signature ?

Posted: 2007-10-15T15:05:15-07:00
by Super Ali
Please someone :? help

Re: problem with signature ?

Posted: 2007-10-15T16:17:27-07:00
by mlski
Make sure that after you click on the output that you dbl click on the graphic itself to take it to a page of its own - that's the URL you can use to transload it - or right click on it to save it.

The animated graphic that you get on the IM page after you press the "output" button is NOT the final graphic.