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Level Adjustments on Image

Posted: 2017-05-24T05:08:29-07:00
by rpatelob
There is a function MagickLevelImage for level adjustment. I'm trying to apply reverse level adjustment. How do I do that?
Check out below code.

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	 convert test.png -level 0,1000 levelP.png
	 convert test.png +level 0,1000 levelM.png
For first command I just need to call MagickLevelImage(wand, 0, 1, 1000)
How to use +level(reverse level adjustment) using C?

Re: Level Adjustments on Image

Posted: 2017-05-24T07:52:16-07:00
by snibgo
In MagickCore, the function is LevelizeImageChannel(). This does not seem to be called anywhere in MagickWand.

However, the functions LevelizeImageChannel() and LevelImage(), which correspond to "+level" and "-level", can be used for each other, by using different parameters. See my page Levels.

Re: Level Adjustments on Image

Posted: 2017-05-25T07:37:54-07:00
by rpatelob
Thanks a lot @snibgo, it's working