Perl/ImageMagick 6.7 issue

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Perl/ImageMagick 6.7 issue

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I've an issue migrating from 6.6.9-7 to 6.7.7-10. A simple script with a greyscale image messes up (with Gamma it seems but not sure).

Script is:

Code: Select all

use Image::Magick;

$img = new Image::Magick;

as you can see, nothing fancy.

You can get input image here

6.6 gives this
6.7 renders badly

Note that, as expected, convert input.bmp output.png behaves the same way as the perl script

It may be related to Gamma since Get('Gamma') gives 0 in 6.6 and 0.45 in 6.7 (calling Set('Gamma', 0) does not solve the issue).

Can give me some clue on that ?

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