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Perl Magick - Compose:Clamp On/Off

Posted: 2016-10-08T16:15:57-07:00
by miket

I'm using Perl Magick to process HDR images.

Can you tell me if the IM Compose:Clamp On/Off function for the Compose/Composite function has been implemented in Perl Magick? When using the really useful Compose/Composite functions, HDR images which have a range greater than the Quantum range appear to be clamped to the quantum range. I cannot see any equivalent to the IM Clamp On/Off within Perl Magick.

It may already be incorporated but has not yet been documented (in which case can you tell me how to use the command). If it has not yet been included, I'd like to request that the functionality be included.

In addition, is there an equivalent of the Colorspace function in Perl Magick? Again, if not, then I'd also like to request that that functionality is also included.