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write out specific pages (scenes)

Posted: 2016-11-16T12:36:01-07:00
by mmlenz
Working with multi-page fax tiffs and I need to write out this file into 3 different multi-page fax tiffs:

tif 1 = page 1 & 2
tif 2 = page 3, 4 & 5
tif 3 = page 6, 7

What I can't figure out is how to write multiple pages/scenes to a single fax tif. Yes, I need to do it using perlmagick.

Re: write out specific pages (scenes)

Posted: 2016-11-16T12:56:36-07:00
by mmlenz
I think I see what I need to do. I need to read them using the bracket syntax and write them out individually.