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MaxRGB gone missing

Posted: 2006-05-01T11:48:47-07:00
by abjones
I have just installed ImageMagick-6.2.7-2-Q8-windows-dll.exe and found that MaxRGB is no longer defined.

Posted: 2006-05-01T13:00:28-07:00
by magick
MaxRGB is deprecated but still should be available. We'll track down the problem. In the mean-time try QuantumRange.

Posted: 2006-05-08T09:11:46-07:00
by abjones
OK, for ImageMagick-6.2.7-4-Q8-windows-dll.exe
what is the syntax for using it? The following has neither defined:

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use Image::Magick;

my $a = MaxRGB;
print $a;

my $b = QuantumRange;
print $b;

Posted: 2006-05-08T09:22:30-07:00
by magick
Your script works for us. Check your version of Perl and make sure it matches the version ImageMagick mentions when you install it. There could be a slight incompatibility between ActiveState Perl versions.