[Feature Request] "TIFF/A" as a supported output format

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[Feature Request] "TIFF/A" as a supported output format

Post by pipitas »

I want draw your attention to a new variant of TIFF -- TIFF/A.

It is so new that its formal specification is not even completed yet. :-)

The initiative's website is here: http://tiff-a.org/.

Their purpose is to define an official spec for TIFFs which are guaranteed to "survive" long-term archivation.

So this request is not an urgent one yet -- see this post as a placeholder to keep the topic on the radar.

The TIFF/A Initiative are also looking for experts who are supporting their work. Have a look at their website!
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Re: [Feature Request] "TIFF/A" as a supported output format

Post by dlemstra »

I think we should wait until there is a tiffAlib available :) Please let us know when this library is available.
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