convert text with images in it to image

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convert text with images in it to image

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i have a long text which can have multiple images in it (for example smilies). The text with images should be converted to an image, and wordwrapped in case it surpasses a specified length.
At the moment i'm using

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convert -fill black -size 200x200 caption:"a very long text" output.png
to print the text, however it doesn't seem to be possible to add images to the text-flow with this method.

Simply appending text-pieces and images doesn't work, since i'm working on multiple autowrapped lines. (with the +append operation)
Using svg doesn't seem to be a good solution, since it doesn't have native autowrap support and you can't insert images in the text
And pango doesn't support images in the text.

i need:
- a text with images inside over multiple auto-wordwrapped lines to be printed as an image
- with the usual imagemagick stuff like:
-- custom colors
-- custom background
-- custom font
-- the option to add outlines

i don't need:
- any fancy makeuplanguage options

Has anyone a solution?

Thanks in advance.
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