How to enable dealing with huge montage set

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How to enable dealing with huge montage set

Post by localstarlight »

I'm trying to tile a HUGE number of images into a very large psb file.

Each tile is 256x256 pixels, and I am tiling 512 x 100 of them, to give a final image size of 131,072 x 25,600 pixels.

Here is the command I am using to tile them:

magick montage -mode concatenate -tile 512x D:\XXX\*.jpg psb:D:\XXX\Output.psb

Unsurprisingly, I get this error:

montage: unable to extend cache 'psb:D:\XXX\Output.psb': No space left on device @ error/cache.c/OpenPixelCache/3682.

I have a pretty beefy machine, and 64GB RAM. Perhaps it's possible my machine simply can't deal with this, but I have a feeling I need to change some stuff in the policy.xml to make this work. I've been reading ... =4&t=26801, but not sure what I actually need to change, and to what, to see if I can make this happen.

Does anyone know?
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Re: How to enable dealing with huge montage set

Post by snibgo »

131,072 x 25,600 pixels at 8 bytes/pixel is 268 GB, for each of input and output. This is more than the RAM in your computer, so try policy.xml settings for memory and map of about 1GB. This will force most pixel caches to be on disk. Obviously, also ensure you have about 1 TB free disk.
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