Is ImageMagick aware of multi-frame raw images?

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Is ImageMagick aware of multi-frame raw images?

Post by LigH »

I'm still searching for any software which is able to handle raw image files containing more than one raw image frame.

There are several camera families which can create such files. One family are Fujifilm FinePix EXR cameras using a Super CCD EXR sensor which has two Bayer pixel arrays shifted diagonally by half a pixel distance. They have three operation modes: HR (high resolution) saves independent content for every pixel (a final high-res image is then interpolated up from a checkerboard-like filled image); SN (signal/noise) may store two images of binned pixel pairs with the same exposure to calculate an average image to reduce noise (my S200EXR does not save independent raw frames, only one already averaged image); DR (dynamic range) may store two frames of the two Bayer pixel arrays with different exposure (but only if the motive had enough contrast to provide HDR information). Furthermore I read that some Pentax models may even store three frames with different exposure in one file.

I found that dcraw can report these "dual capture" RAF files containing 2 images. But a verbose output of identify reports only details of one image, or of the overall file header, but I can't recognize an attempt to report attributes of two image frames, which should have distinct exposure values in the case of the DR mode being used.
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Re: Is ImageMagick aware of multi-frame raw images?

Post by snibgo »

IM expects dcraw to output a single image. If dcraw can create multiple images, then I suggest you either (a) use dcraw directly or (b) write suitable entries in delegates.xml.
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