Cyrillic text from the image

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Cyrillic text from the image

Post by YouPict.Ru »

Hi all!

Cyrillic text from the image. My decision.

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use Encode;
use Image::Magick;
$image = Image::Magick->new;
$image->Border(width=>1, height=>1, bordercolor=>'black');
$text = 'Текст кириллица';
$text = encode("utf8", decode("cp1251", $text));
$image->Annotate(font=>'arial.ttf', pointsize=>18, fill=>'green', gravity=>'center', text=>$text);
$image->Set (compression=>'JPEG', quality=>80);
$image->Write ("name.jpg");
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Re: Cyrillic text from the image

Post by anthony »

The handling for cyrillic text to UTF8 in perl is useful to know!

But the text into that first assignment already appears to be utf8, persumably because you posted it on a utf8 website :-)
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