Files in tmp dir fill up harddrive with 6.6.2-0

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Chris Riesen

Files in tmp dir fill up harddrive with 6.6.2-0

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I have a strange bug. I'm using magickwand to control IM over PHP. The operations I do is opening the file then resize it and save it as a jpg, while the inputs can be a large range of image files, from tiny to huge. These are automated, so it just runs in the background and creates these thousands at a time, sequentially. I do not know where exactly it breaks, but now twice in a row, I came to work in the morning and discovered a 1.4 TB file sitting in /tmp from imagemagick which effectively filled up the entire free hard drive space. The only weird things I noticed is that it takes abnormally long on certain files to convert (some 100K jpeg files, which are nothing special or different from thousand others).

Now how could I go about tracking which file creates this gigantic tmp file? How can I limit the file size imagemagick is allowed to use for these tmp files so it wont fill up the drive again? What would be helpful as a test to see what exactly is creating those errors?
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Re: Files in tmp dir fill up harddrive with 6.6.2-0

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Add -debug cache to your command line to track the temporary file creation and destruction. Read ... .php#cache for why the files are created and how to control them.
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