Error: convert: missing an image filename 'filename.gif'

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Error: convert: missing an image filename 'filename.gif'

Post by sabater_wb »

I'm tying to do something like this code

convert rose: -compose Screen \
\( -clone 0 stars1.gif -composite \) \
\( -clone 0 stars2.gif -composite \) \
\( -clone 0 stars3.gif -composite \) \
-delete 0 -set delay 25 -layers Optimize rose_sparkle.gif

I typed on windows prompt

Code: Select all

convert rose -compose Screen -clone 0 image001.gif -composite -clone 0 image002.gif -composite -delete 0 -set delay 25 -layers Optimize result.gif
And I got an error: "convert: missing an image filename 'result.gif'.

So, I'm thinking. How is it possible if result.gif is the output file name?

What is wrong?
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Re: Error: convert: missing an image filename 'filename.gif'

Post by el_supremo »

Same problem as your other post. You've left out the parentheses. And you also need a colon after "rose" - it must be rose:

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Re: Error: convert: missing an image filename 'filename.gif'

Post by kbirecki »

I know this is an old thread, but for future readers, another cause can be incorrect registry entries pointing to GhostScript. There is a simple solution that I found and I made it my first blog entry: ... image.html.
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